Nomadness Travel conference


WHAT IS #NMDN ALTERNATIVE TRAVEL CONFERENCE? In Nomadness Travel Tribe's pushing the envelope in #whatsnext in urban travel, #NMDN was created as the first ever travel conference targeting diverse urban millenials in the United States. It was created to hear our voices, see our faces, and learn from one another. Our panelists for 2015 will … Continue reading #NMDN ALTERNATIVE TRAVEL CONFERENCE

Last Shot…

Its time to say goodbye to my favorite time of year; Summer. No school buses on the road, Short pants every day, blockbuster movie releases.  You can't beat it. So this is a special dedication. The Last Shot of Summer 2007. Nothing but net...

“Options for People Facing Foreclosure”

Maplewood, NJ - As homeowners enjoy the low introductory interest rates afforded by their Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) many wait helplessly as their interest rates adjust significantly upward. Skyrocketing monthly payments, and tax increases drive home foreclosures on a steady increase. Here’s what to tell your friends who are facing the prospect of losing their … Continue reading “Options for People Facing Foreclosure”