My Notes from CES 2024

I was once again able to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and serve as an executive show floor guide. Thanks to StoryTech and Lori H. Schwartz for the continued opportunity to partner.

I love the opportunities that this positioning afford me: 1) Learning firsthand from both the suppliers and consumers in the space, and 2) building new relationships. My personality is made for innovation-on-display events like CES.

A Few of My Favorite Technologies on Display at CES 2024

CES 2024: Unpacking Tech Innovations and Future Trends with Sarah Ivey, Tim Hanlon, and Brad Berens

This year, thanks to my joint venture with Hearst Media Production Group (HMPG) and my HMPG partner Maria Thrasher, I was able to share the concept of our upcoming show “Inventing Tomorrow” with media executives who have helped shape the show as well as share the opportunity with potential brand partners.

With incredible gratitude regarding the entire experience,


These are my best in show recap moments from CES 2024.

Mobility Innovations: One of the ongoing themes of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is mobility. This year was no different. Bugatti released a scooter, and Reebok released bikes and scooters. We also saw Bird scooters face financial trouble. What was the impact of these developments on the marketplace?

V-Commerce: The Future of Online Shopping V-commerce, virtual commerce, is an emerging trend that has the potential to revolutionize online shopping. Lotte showcased their vCommerce platform at CES 2024, allowing users to create avatars, customize their virtual environments, and try on and purchase digital and physical products. Explore the exciting possibilities of v-commerce.

The Battle of Screens Screens continue to be a major focus at CES, with manufacturers showcasing their latest innovations. TCL impressed with their 163″ micro LED TV, which is modular and customizable to fit any space. Discover the progression of screens from obscure concepts to market-ready technologies.

AI and Its Implications: AI, or artificial intelligence, is permeating every technology showcased at CES. Neurologics showcased a medical application where a cell phone is used to scan facial features and provide health information. Explore the implications of AI in healthcare and other industries.

Location Precision with What3Words: What3Words has revolutionized location precision by mapping the entire world into 10×10 foot squares and assigning each square a unique three-word address. This system allows for accurate and convenient delivery services to specific locations. Discover the practical applications of this innovative mapping technology.

Las Vegas’ Changing Experience: Las Vegas’ experience has transformed with the addition of the impressive football stadium and the MSG Sphere. The MSG Sphere, also known as the “Death Star,” features 8K spherical content, offering immersive visual experiences. Explore the evolving landscape of Las Vegas’ attractions.

Translation Made Easy with Time Kettle: Time Kettle introduced a hardware and software solution for real-time translation. Their ear pods allow for seamless communication between individuals speaking different languages. Experience the freedom of geographically unrestricted conversations and explore the potential of remote multilingual meetings.

The Power of Facial Recognition with BlueSkeye AI: BlueSkeye AI utilizes facial recognition technology to analyze facial expressions and movements. This innovation has applications in various fields, from monitoring driver behavior to predicting health conditions. Explore the possibilities of facial recognition technology beyond simple identification.

Accessible Hearing Assistance with Nuance Audio: Essilor Luxottica has integrated hearing assistance technology into their eyeglasses, providing an invisible solution for individuals with hearing issues. Experience enhanced hearing without the need for visible devices. These smart glasses combine functionality with style.

Medical Insights with SmartSound: SmartSound’s innovative stethoscopes leverage AI to analyze and detect health conditions. From clinical stethoscopes to consumer-level devices, SmartSound empowers individuals to monitor their own health and detect early signs of respiratory and heart conditions. Explore the future of personalized medical devices.

Holographic Experiences with Hypervzn: Hypervzn’s fan blades with LEDs create photo-realistic holographic-like images. Discover the applications of hyper-realistic holography in entertainment, advertising, and more.

Bridging Reality and the Metaverse with Haptics: BHaptics offers haptic suits and Razer offer haptic seats seats, bringing physical feedback to the virtual world. Feel the sensations of the gaming environment, whether it’s the turbulence of a plane landing or the impact of a punch. Explore the convergence of physical and digital experiences.

The Future of Mixed Reality with Xreal: Xreal’s mixed reality glasses offer a transformative computing experience, allowing users to interact with digital elements seamlessly. Additionally, Xreal has partnered with BMW to bring augmented reality features to car windshields, enhancing navigation and providing contextual information. Discover the extraordinary possibilities of mixed reality.

LG’s Transparent Screens for Commercial Applications: LG’s transparent screens have found their niche in commercial settings. Experience the innovative applications of transparent screens in advertising, retail, and immersive exhibitions.