Wedding: The Beginning

The Beginning

At some point, during one of my ‘broke spells’, I decided that when I could afford it, I would propose marriage to Ms. Jaimi Smith. I knew I was ready, and we spoke about it before, it would be only a matter of timing, and finances. Once I knew my next influx of capital was coming down the pipeline, of course I got nervous, but knew I decided in sound mind, and would follow through. So began the mission to surprise the woman I love, to sweep her off her feet.

Off the bat ladies are not going to like my next statement, though it is my truth: Of all the married men I know, few, if any, have admitted in the sole presence of other men, that they truly enjoyed their wedding. Granted this could be some machismo posturing, or just another man thing, but I’ve had repeated conversations, while serving my post as best man, with grooms who wished they could cast away their rented tuxedo’s, and burn their faux-patent leather shoes. This would not be me.

I decided then to not only plan a phenomenal engagement, but also a wedding that would serve both her and my needs, and desires, and be spectacular. Trouble.