Wedding – The Other Surprise

There was definitely a moment of pause that evening, when I asked Jaimi how she felt about getting married that Friday. I’m sure she had concerns that covered all five W’s (who, what when, where, why, how). I assured her that I would take care of everything, and had done plenty of research. I don’t know if it was trust or bewilderment that allowed her to do it, but she agreed once again. Still under the impression that we were traveling to Cuba the next day, she asked if I was concerned about not having my best friend Doug at the ceremony. Certainly this was a reflection of her desire to have her best friend Shannyn present.

I casually blew it off, saying that Doug and the others could join us when we planned a reception back home. We spent the entire next morning on the beach. The pictures of the resort didn’t do it justice; it was magnificent! In addition the food was terrific, down to the snacks available between meals. After several hours we returned to our room, only to find the power out. What, no TV? Unnecessary. It was nap time in our world. We were lulled to sleep by island breezes entering through open doors, and blown white curtains.

We woke around 2:30, showered, and got ready to get lunch on the beach. Jaimi had been glowing ever since the night before. I told her that in order to make arrangements for Friday, I had to make some confirmation calls from the lobby, and that she should come along. Distracted by my witty repartee (yeah, right), Jaimi was unaware as, one by one, our friends and family who arrived by taxi from the airport, lined up behind her. Among them were Shannyn, and Doug as requested. Surprise, and tears of joy came as she realized what 
was happening.

Shannyn traveled with all of Jaimi’s needs in tow, including dress and accessories. They arranged to have their hair and nails done at the local salon, and I have video similar to “The Making of Thriller” showing their transformation.

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