Wedding – The Ceremony

A whole day passed. For me it was mostly beach time, snorkeling, and The Cartoon Network. Doug and I arrived at the beach in awe of the setup, and the crowd that was gathering to witness our nuptials. I felt as though I should have said something to the crowd while we waited. Maybe a joke or two, or just a thanks for coming out, but I had only enough composure to stand still and not pass out. The butterflies had me, and wouldn’t let go.

The time was 7:00 PM. The temperature was a warm 80 degrees, and there was a mild breeze coming off of the water. Green Palms whispered to themselves about the beautiful bride that only they could see off in the distance. The sun was beginning to set, and sent an orange hue through the few clouds, which stayed to watch. All was ready. Doug and I stood together at the altar with the Judge, under the palm leaf arbor, at the end of the red runner, lined with plants, and covered by peach rose petals.

I could hear the guitar trio playing in the distance as one by one the wedding procession began. When she was finally in sight, Jaimi was stunning! I can’t recall ever seeing her as beautiful as she looked walking toward me that moment. As she stepped, she left sandy little footprints on the runner below.

We joined hands the evening of June 13, 2003, and were married before God, all alone, on a white sand beach, on a small island in the sea.