PTC Liveworx 23

PTC Liveworx 2023

I recently attended ptc’s LIVEWORX23 conference in Boston, MA.

There I served as a technology guide, connecting the functionalities of their various software suites in a storytelling fashion for attendees.

PTC are the inventors of CAD (computer aided design) software. Since that time they’ve added services and software suites that inform and control the entire product lifecycle. From design, through manufacture, product warranty service and redesign. It is an amazing series of offerings that interconnect. The combinations result in improved efficiencies, reduced waste (time and material) and the ability to extend expertise further into product lifecycle.

I was particularly impressed with PTC’s display of the industrial metaverse. The tools allow for real time diagnosis and troubleshooting remotely via 3D model sharing.

I had a wonderful time speaking with attendees from various industries, discussing their current processes and nuanced needs.

Link: ptc website

Link: Storytech website

Bryndan D. Moore and Howard Gray leading show floor tours at ptc liveworx 2023.
Howard Gray and Bryndan D. Moore, hosting innovation tours at ptc Liveworx 23.