Austin Revive – E4A Nutrition

Austin Revive was fantastic.

Our inaugural retreat, was an extended-weekend full of love, fun, movement, great food and the creation of new friendships.

It’s easy to find tasty food made from whole ingredients in Austin. This is partially due to the Tex-Mex and tacos, most of which boil down to grilled protein, onions, peppers, beans and cheese. I’m not mad, however we did also find what might be the best salad in the city, and green smoothies were on the menu.

We chose October in order to dodge the months when Texas heat is at it’s height and to give us the opportunity to enjoy outdoor adventures.

Austin has outdoor activities galore; from hiking, to water sports, swimming and biking, we did it all. And we found our way indoors to enjoy yoga (yes, it was hot yoga, and I didn’t know in advance, but seriously it was fantastic), a mobility / stability session, and weight training.

For attendees, every morning began in the kitchen. Music was playing, some camped in front of the microphones at the podcast station to share experiences, and everyone’s hands were busy in the preparation of breakfast.

The kitchen is the social center of most homes for good reason. Homework can be done on the table, or maybe work for the business, and we prepare that which literally fuels our cells in that space. It makes sense that we’d unplug and spend some real time there.

Our home-base in Austin offered something needed: perspective.

Headquarters was a fantastic home in the hills, with sunset views daily. Not to mention our incredible pool, patio, and outdoor eating space.

The real treasures on the retreat were the conversations that happened organically during the downtime and drives that connected events on our schedule. “What and who is important in my life? What are the reasons I’m here this week? What do I hope to come away with?” Hearing those conversations in real time, knowing we’ve created that space is a good feeing.

Austin Revive was a success, and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to connect with you.