In this third push to set the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours, TeamGurk faced a game changing circumstance. During our training, a Siberian athlete attempted the record and advanced the count significantly.

Though we didn’t set the record a third time, we did set a personal best, and raised thousands for Sloan Kettering. It was a great achievement.

“Coach Be, Bryndan Moore, from Eating For Abs came to me before the first event and volunteered his time during my record breaking shift. Since then he has had a HUGE part in making TeamGurk what it is today. He’s done so much from creating this beautiful website, to running the fundraising, planning my nutrition, setting up meetings with people that are amazing in their fields (Kate Cleveland, PT, DPT, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, and Tracey Wilson, CSCS) and being there to guide me mentally through these events. I’m happy to have the support of TEAM E4A, and look forward to working with them on my future challenges.”

-Kyle Gurkovich